School Games Mark

School Games Mark (returning for 21-22) - an opportunity to gain recognition for your school.


  • School Games Mark Entry – applicable to all schools that are providing and engaging their young people in high quality School Games opportunities, this will aid them demonstrating that they are an ‘actively engaged school’ and link directly to the SGO minimum expectation demonstrating they have schools actively engaged and linked to the criteria for this.
  • School Games Mark Plus – this is applicable to those schools that want to challenge themselves and demonstrate their progress over time against a national bench mark.  This award is where the levels of bronze, silver, gold and platinum will sit. Schools that have previously attained School Games Mark Platinum or have achieved School Games mark Gold for 4 consecutive years prior to academic year 2019/20 (15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19) if they attain the new gold standard will be eligible to access platinum in this round.  The ‘application’ for Platinum schools will ‘open’ once they have satisfied all the criterion for School Games Mark gold.  There will be a maximum of 7/8 questions, 1 per outcome with the exception of a couple that will have 2, that will incrementally grow dependent on the level of the award.   The questions are all designed to demonstrate the impact of the School Games at an individual school level helping us to tell the narrative nationally.

Latest News

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North East Lincolnshire School Sport Partnership have recently introduced Virtual Challenges. This includes a range of Physical activity, Cultural, Skills and School Value Challenges.

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Response to Covid-19

From March 2020 - July 2020   Daily physical activity, PE library challenges issued for use in school or for home learning.

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