NEL SSP Y7/8 & Y9/10 Dodgeball Competition

On Friday 24th June 2011 teams from across North East Lincolnshire took to the relatively new sport of Dodgeball. The event was organised by the North East Lincolnshire School Sports Partnership, hosted by the Oasis Academy Wintringham.

Y7/8 students from Oasis Academy Wintringham, Tollbar Academy, Whitgift School & Havelock Academy participated in the event playing in a league format to gain points for their school & hope to be declared the winners.

The final positions were as follows:

Girls Only

  1. Tollbar Academy 11 pts
  2. Oasis Academy Wintringham 10 pts


  1. Havelock Academy A 18 pts
  2. Tollbar Academy 16 pts
  3. Whitgift School 12 pts
  4. Oasis Academy Wintringham 11 pts
  5. Tollbar Academy Girls 11 pts
  6. Oasis Academy Wintringham Girls 10 pts
  7. Havelock Academy B 6 pts

Also on Friday 8th July 2011 it was the turn of the Y9/10 pupils. Matches were fast & furious resulting in an overall competition taking place & a knock out event. Results are as follows:


  1. Tollbar Boys A - 15 pts
  2. Tollbar Boys B - 13 pts
  3. Wintringham Boys - 11 pts
  4. Whitgift Boys - 9 pts
  5. Tollbar Girls - 7 pts
  6. Wintringham Girls - 5 pts

Girls Final

Tollbar bt Wintringham - Tollbar Champions

Boys Knockout Semi Final

Whitgift bt Tollbar B

Tollbar A bt Wintringham

3rd & 4th Place Playoff

Wintringham bt Tollbar B


Tollbar A bt Whitgift - Tollbar Boys A Champions


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