Covid-19 Sport Updates

Due to Covid-19, all sports have had to change their rules and regulations to maintain the safety of all individuals involved. 

Athletics - Phase 2 - Only up to 6 athletes and runners who are abiding by the 2m social distancing rule are allowed outdoors. 1:5 coach: athletes ratio and equipment must be cleaned regularly. Virtual challenges and competitions should be available to do but local and venue guidance on covid-19 precautions such as hand washing and face masks should be followed.

Badminton - Phase 2 - You can only play singles to observe the 2m social distancing and it is 1 to 1 coaching. All players must try to use their own equipment and shuttles from one box between must only be shared between 8 players. 

Basketball - Phase 2 - Whilst playing, 1 meter social distancing must be followed when playing with others not from household. You can play both indoor and outdoor whilst doing drills and skills training and behind closed door competitions are allowed.

Boccia - Phase 3 - No boccia, no club activities but can do boccia at home if wanted. 

Cricket -  Phase 4 - Matches can be 11-aside but the total group can’t exceed 30 and have to remain socially distanced at 1m. Own equipment must be used where possible and for the ball to be cleaned between breaks, aswell as the track and trace to be completed for each person per session.

Dodgeball - Phase 3 - Must be 1m socially distanced at all times, 1:6 coaching:students ratio and no physical contact with others who are not from your household. The ball must be cleaned regularly during breaks and after play. 

Football - Competitive grassroots football has now resumed as of 1st September 2020.

Golf - Phase 2 - You can play golf individually or with up to 4 other people from the same or different households and must maintain 2m distance. Over 70’s who are vulnerable are advised not to play but they can if they wish to. Competitions can go ahead but with 2m distance and cleaning balls and equipment is maintained. 

Gymnastics - Phase 3 - Outdoors is a maximum of 30 people from different householdswith 1m social distancing. No physical contact with coach and student unless from the same household. Whereas indoors is a maximum of 15 people and no events such as competitions. 

Hockey - Phase 4 - Socially distance at 2m in maximum groups of 6 and mst clean hands and equipment regularly during breaks. You can use indoor facilities but must sanitise. Must trynot to touch the ball and use the stick not hands, along with no handshaking with other participants and no excessive shouting near others due to  particles releasing more. 

Netball - Phase 4a - Use of covid-19 rules, equipment sharing is allowed but limit as much as possible, regular breaks for hand and equipment sanitisation, maximum of 30 people per court, outdoor playing is recommended, 4ft marking distance, no toss ups, umpire must not touch the ball and if they do it should be for a short period of time and no physical contact with others.

Orienteering - Phase 2 - Keep 2 metres distance from others not in your household, with a maximum of 6 people during a session and needs to be outdoors only. 

Rounders - Phase 2 - Can play in a group of up to 6 people including the coach whilst keeping 2m distance outdoors only. Must try to limit sharing the equipment and regularly clean it after use.  

Rugby - Phase 4 - Total time of contact activity must not exceed 15 minutes per session, and must be carried out in small groups of up to 6 people. Lifting jumper, 2v2 in a ruck, 1v1 tackles only allowed and equipment that is used must be washed and sanitised afterwards. 

Softball - Phase 2 - Must maintain 2m distance with all players and coaches that are outside of your household. Sessions of training with up to 5 people and no more than 5 and equipment must be cleaned regularly and sharing to a minimum. 

Tennis - Phase 3 - Singles and doubles can play whilst maintaining 2m social distancing, cleaning equipment after use, group sessions of up to 15 people, online bookings to be made beforehand is better and indoor courts are okay to be used as well as outdoors. 

Updated: 04/09/2020

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